Your Solution to Misplaced or Lost Eyewear 

Helping the lost become found

Isee eyeglasses finder

Helping Canadians find missing eyewear since 2020

Prescription eyeglasses can range anywhere from $240 to about $1,000 a pair in Canada, according to the  Canadian Journal of Ophthalmology. (Sep. 20, 2020)

So it is wise to have some kind of plan in place if you loose or misplace your investment in personal eyewear. An Isee Eye wear kit allows a way for someone to return your lost eyewear saving you the expensive replacement cost.  

our solution

Year after year, hospitals,  arenas,  and libraries have stuffed boxes of lost and misplaced wear eye.  Thousands of dollars wasted and hours of frustration and headaches for those who lost their eye wear.

Now, there is a solution to returning these lost or misplaced items back to their rightful owners… the Isee Eye Wear Kit.

You can now purchase a solution to insure that you will get your eye wear back in a matter of hours at a small fraction of what it cost to buy your ear wear.

Read on… or talk with one of our suppliers for details.